Music of the Month (april 2017)

Ive discovered soundcloud!! i know right im probably the last person on earth to not know what soundcloud was but i am a solid fan of it.

I’ve been listening to these non-stop!! Totally getting me in the mood for summer. I’m addicted!

These are the top 5 songs in my playlist so far……. ENJOY!

1.  Lowly Palace – follow your heart

2.  GIN MASON – My fault (explicit)

3.  Lowly Palace – Wild card

4.  JUDGE – Addicted

5.  3LAU – On my mind

Lowly Palace is becoming a favorite at the moment i just adore the feel of their music

If you liked this post the dont forget to check back next month where i’ll have a fresh list of amazing music

Also feel free to follow me on soundcloud

Be good kids!



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Well hello there and welcome to my 1st ever blog! im new to this so bear with….

My name is Nadine I am 30 years young! I refuse to grow up!
I am from South Wales in the UK. I live with my fiance and our 3 children.
(I feel like i’m auditioning for a game show)
I LOVE anything creative, literally anything!
I get so much inspiration from music, photographs and colours. My mind is open to every possibility around me which means my imaginative streak comes easy, but I will admit that sometimes it’s hard to have a firm opinion on somethings.
There’s always a positive to be found (my motto)
I started making all sorts of Youtube videos around 2010 and my love for make-up, hair and beauty just grew, so now thats my focus on my channel. I completed a 2 year beauty therapy course at college, but knew I never wanted to work in a salon or even free lance it was just an interest I had, One of many!
This is my space I can let all my different aspects of creativity flow as being a full-time mother for the past 11 years it kind of took a back seat. So now im ready to throw my artistic confetti all over the place! Be careful there’s glitter EVERYWHERE!

Be good kids



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