HOW TO: Fake a sunkissed glow

My latest video is here!! Summers upon us and we all like to look bronzed as soon as the sun comes out

Save your money on sunbeds

Protect your skin from bad UV rays


Watch this video to see how I get a sunkissed glow without damaging my skin


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CONCEALER – Maybelline lumi touch
POWDER – Rimmel match perfection loose powder
SHADER – Mua in Sunkissed bronze
BRONZER – The body shop in 02 Warm glow
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Tips for coloring your hair

So i’ve recently coloured my a hair dusky dark pink/ultra violet shade and I am in love with it!

I loved the idea of having brightly coloured hair or just a colour that wasn’t brown,

but always had these niggling thoughts at the back of my mind …….

It wont suit me

The bleach will ruin my hair

I might mess it up

What will people think

Everyone will look at me


So heres a few things I did to make the process of a colour change easier on my hair and my fear of the ‘ordinary’ thinking minds of others

  1. I stopped thinking about other peoples opinions

People will always have an opinion on you or what you’re doing but that’s all they are OPINIONS. I’ve recently come to learn that you should never let other peoples opinions or feelings of you stop you from being yourself.

2. I stopped putting myself down

I came to the conclusion that if all these other people can have fun coloured hair then why cant I? We can be our own worst critics, and sometimes you just need to tell yourself to shut up and go with it. So I did.

3. I added the colour gradually over time

I feel this one is important in 2 ways

A. Bleaching or lifting can be really harsh on your hair so I did mine gradually over a few months and gave it some love by applying a moisture rich mask/oil now and again keeping it as healthy as I could. I like using castor or coconut oil as they are so good for your hair.

B. I feel that dramatically going from one colour to another can be bit of a shock to the system and then you may not like the sudden change, so by doing it gradually you get a feel of what its going to look like and then can decide if you want to continue on or change up the colour.

This is the ‘warm brown’ colour I was for about 8-9 years

And this was after my 1st time colouring as you can see there is very little colour I was just concentrating on keeping it healthy

This is the rose gold I achieved

When I dyed the ends purple.

You can watch this video here:

Then I took the plunge and did it

and you can watch the video to how I achieved this colour here:


So im going to end this post with some friendly advice and a little disclaimer

If you are thinking of dying your hair yourself, make sure you do your research and get as much advice as possible on techniques and products and always follow the instructions given. You could also get advice from someone that works in a salon and they can also advise you on a colour that best suits you.

Make sure you give yourself sometime to think about it to make sure its what you really want.

If your doing a dramatic change for the 1st time and never coloured your hair yourself then I do advise you to go to a professional it may be a lot more expensive than a DIY job but at least you know your hair will turn out good

Ive been colouring my own hair for about 12 years now so I have experience and I know how my hair will react to the products

Admittedly my partner isn’t the biggest fan of the colour of my hair, but I am obsessed with it and it makes me happy. Even though I love him and I obviously care what he thinks, if I want to do something that I know will make me happy im going to do it.

Never let anyone stop you from being you

Be good kids



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Hey blue eyes!

So I created another fun, bright festival makeup look

I was a little afraid of using bright blue as I dont think its the best colour for me but I just thought what the hey let’s do it!

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POWDER – rimmel match perfection loose powder
SHADER – revolution ultra contour palette
HIGHLIGHT – revolution in golden lights
BROWS – wunderbrow brunette
EYES – Karity frost palette – popinjay/ fetish /golddigger
LINER – maybelline ink master matte black
LASHES – red cherry #217
MASCARA – w7 lashtastic black
LIPS – avon glazewear sparkle in gleaming gold


MUSIC CREDITS – steve combs – all your frustration bargains


I hope you enjoyed the video, I post them every week so why not come back and watch more in the future

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Rose gold festival makeup look

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And on to the video…………

***************** PRODUCTS *****************
FOUNDATION – revlon colour stay
CONCEALER – maybelline lumi touch
POWDER – match perfect loose powder
SHADER – revolution ultra contour palette
BRONZER – body shop warm glow
HIGHLIGHT – mua in pink shimmer
BLUSH – mua in bon bon
BROWS – wunderbrow brunette
EYES – karity palettes frost and smoke – colours – poof / golddigger /foreplay / corten / patina
LINER – maybelline ink master matte black
LASHES – koko lashes in koko
MASCARA – w7 lashtastic
LIPS – candy lipz plumper and avon plump and pout gloss in nude
SPARKLES – rose pink and gold glitter and champagne colour rhinestones (ebay) revlon lash glue and elf facial whip to adhere

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Music of the Month (april 2017)

Ive discovered soundcloud!! i know right im probably the last person on earth to not know what soundcloud was but i am a solid fan of it.

I’ve been listening to these non-stop!! Totally getting me in the mood for summer. I’m addicted!

These are the top 5 songs in my playlist so far……. ENJOY!

1.  Lowly Palace – follow your heart

2.  GIN MASON – My fault (explicit)

3.  Lowly Palace – Wild card

4.  JUDGE – Addicted

5.  3LAU – On my mind

Lowly Palace is becoming a favorite at the moment i just adore the feel of their music

If you liked this post the dont forget to check back next month where i’ll have a fresh list of amazing music

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Well hello there and welcome to my 1st ever blog! im new to this so bear with….

My name is Nadine I am 30 years young! I refuse to grow up!
I am from South Wales in the UK. I live with my fiance and our 3 children.
(I feel like i’m auditioning for a game show)
I LOVE anything creative, literally anything!
I get so much inspiration from music, photographs and colours. My mind is open to every possibility around me which means my imaginative streak comes easy, but I will admit that sometimes it’s hard to have a firm opinion on somethings.
There’s always a positive to be found (my motto)
I started making all sorts of Youtube videos around 2010 and my love for make-up, hair and beauty just grew, so now thats my focus on my channel. I completed a 2 year beauty therapy course at college, but knew I never wanted to work in a salon or even free lance it was just an interest I had, One of many!
This is my space I can let all my different aspects of creativity flow as being a full-time mother for the past 11 years it kind of took a back seat. So now im ready to throw my artistic confetti all over the place! Be careful there’s glitter EVERYWHERE!

Be good kids



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